“We reward our client’s confidence by exceeding their expectations.” -Robert T. Ratcliff, Sr.

Real Estate & Financing

Experienced Commercial Developers On Staff To Advise!


Ratcliff Companies has experience developing properties for our own portfolio.  We continuously look for projects to add and are willing to consider your own commercial project as a joint investment possibility or equitable partnership if you are in need of project financing. Our in-house commercial realtors can assist clients with site selection and property acquisition and as accredited professionals we can also provide demographic analysis and market research to help with your business venture. Please contact us to learn more about our real estate and financing services.

          Property Leasing
          Project Financing
          Real Estate Development/Resale
          Property Sales, including Timed Buy-Out

If you would like more information about any properties available in our own real estate portfolio, or would like to share your building project for investment consideration, please contact us to discuss.

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