Ben Barber Career Tech Academy

Owner: Mansfield Independent School District

Architect: Huckabee & Associates, Inc.

Project Location:   1120 W. Debbie Lane, Mansfield, TX  76063

Ben Barber Career Technology Academy sits on approx. 5 acres and has an Agricultural Barn as well included on the site. Total new Sq. Ft. is 65,000, which is divided in 3 new wings. Area 1- Video and production lab with a smart hospital and pharmacy upstairs. Area 2-will be print lab & future classrooms. Area 3- is a Bistro kitchen with a welding shop. Construction for the building consists of a structural slab on carton boxes with CMU and beams and columns. The second floor sets on a composite deck with concrete slab. The exterior fa├žade consist of Curtain wall, brick and composite aluminum panels. The inside features carpet, tile, VCT and Terrazzo flooring throughout. Plumbing, HVAC and Electrical upgrades are also included as well as upgrades to the existing fixtures throughout the building. The Ag Barn has had new expansions, kennel and classroom renovations. This expansion and renovation project is to match the existing school and Performing Arts Center that shares the property.





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